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May 21, 2005



Tanuki says:
"As the Newsweek scandal over the false allegation of Koran-flushing fades into shades of deep purple and maroon under the eye of main-stream media, other colors have been reported as well."

What's funny is that Tanuki doesn't even seem to consider the possibility that there was pressure put on Newsweek to retract what was probably an actual incident. I mean, why would they want or need to 'create' something like this after what had already happened with the prisoners? The treatment of the prisoners was far worse in my opinion?KB

"One, I like to think, is a vernal green, as Muslims begin to view themselves not so much as the righteous victims of The Great Satan"

Of which there is more than ample reason.KB

"but as believers who have to put their faith into action."

Yes, well, eventually when you're getting screwed long enough you act out. Kind of like some white guys I recall acting out by blowing off the kings and queens of England.KB

"And sometimes, a refusal to react violently to every real or perceived slight."

Mostly real.KB

"Furthermore, is blind faith in the holiness of the Koran justified?"

Is blind faith in anything justified? And I hope you're not inferring that blind faith in the Bible is somehow better, given it's followers long history of blood-letting.KB

"Irshad Manji, in Times Online, asks 'Why Don't We Muslims Grow Up?'"

Ahhh, just what the Muslims need, an Uncle Thomad. Why does Tanuki always look for the folks who are sell-outs to support his positions. He'd be looking for the blacks who were pro-slavery, the Palestinians who were pro-Israel, the American Indians who were pro-cowboy murderers, etc....Just what is it with thinking it's cool to support those who are basically traitors to their own?KB

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