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May 01, 2006



Perhaps this school could embrace you...


Yeah, hk, good choice. However, this probably should be read first:




Thanks, HK, for the advice. It does look like a good school, and I could sure use a good hug in terms of an employer these days. My current employer, unclear on the concept, thinks the term "hug" extends to thumscrews.

KB directs our attention to an article describing the "danger of fundamentalists schools." Running down the list, it seems that there are some downright stupid criticisms (these school actually preach the heresy that there is a connection between sex and sexual diseases!) to some valid ones (disparagement of science and encouragement of anti-semitism. But then again, we have other kinds of extreme views in some of our best schools which are championed as expressions of free speech.

It's revealing that there are some who believe free speech should be limited to those who hold the same opinion as themselves.

Sometimes, in darker moments, I think that the fundamentalists may be the last, if not the best, hope for western civilization. After all, they're the ones still into fruitfulness and multiplication, and seem sure about who they are in relation to their culture. Lefties, on the other hand, seem unable to realize that are members of a mindset with its own faith-based tenets, prejudices, and punishments for heretics.

If I really had to choose, I guess I'd rather live in the People's Republic of Bob Jones than as a Dhimmi in The United Wahabi States of the World.

May it never come to such a choice.

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