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December 21, 2006




I really appreciate your performances and ideas. Your Django Bells is much better than the clip you gave. Keep writing this stuff and you will have a great book to perform.! Trombone Mark!


Holy Time Warp, Batman. Christmas party at Japanese school circa 1980: the future Tanuki, front and center, strapped to a coffee table-sized Ibanez, raised arm imploring a small audience of friends and patrons in mock pop star fashion, self-contented microsmile indicating staisfaction with the proceedings and...some prettty good playing.

19 sniggering comments on a blog entry that refurbishes and links to a mentor blog entry - that wears me down a little. But trafficking in ethereal images that demolish our Cold War notions of time and distance - cliched as it's so quickly become - to me, that's the terriifying beauty of the digital revolution.

Billie Holidays to you!


Would love to have seen Tanuki circa 1980. What was his hair like?
If we could go back in time, bring back those great moments to the present and share them with new friends in new situations wouldn't that be great? Music is one way we can always bring back the past and share it with it others. That is why I play and that is why Tanuki should ALWAYS keep playing!

Have a Swingin' Christmas!


I think he should record another CD with kb.kb

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