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December 23, 2006


a guy in pajamas

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Great print, by the way.

Have a great time in the States.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! kb (a guy without pajamas)


Merry Christmas and a great New Year! Also, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, Feast of the Epiphany and any Pagan rituals that may apply to the season. This is tongue and cheek so please just enjoy the laugh!


I'm posting this comment both as a Christmas present for Tanuki and Andrew, and because the post on Pinochet had dropped a little too far down the page. It comes from a great ZNET blog, and is regarding the Brockes non-issue fairy tale which Andrew brought up, NOT me. A Chomsky "challenger" gave a person with actual knowledge of both Chomsky's AND Kamm's work a challenge of demonstrating where Kamm was wrong about something. It took the guy all of two minutes to produce this:

"why don't you cite directly just one thing this horrible Kamm has said that you disagree with"(challenge)

"The US was entirely innocent of the economic chaos of Chile" - afnc Oct 4 2001
"a brave attempt by an elected civilian government to protect the people from the fascist death squads linked to ARENA and the fascist death squads of the FMLN"
- describing the murderous US supported dictatorship of El Salvador in the 1980s - afnc Feb 13 2002
"Go, Italian police." - afnc Nov 30 2002
Praising Italian police at Genoa who used fascist salutes, had swastikas and pictures of Mussolini on the walls of their stations, and forced protestors to shout fascist slogans and sing fascist songs...
And more recently:
"I thought Emma Brockes's interview with Chomsky was the most constructive and thoughtful exchange with him I have yet seen." [And he claims to have seen them all. This was the best.]
"I thought Emma Brockes's interview with Chomsky in The Guardian was a fine
piece of work, and I wish I'd done it." - Oliver Kamm - Nov 13 2005

As far as "explain to us why you think it's false", no comment necessary.

The reason "no comment" is necessary by the way is that it was a "mock" interview. When easily pointed out that it was not accurate, nor were the statement attributed to Chomsky, Kamm insisted that they were correct in keeping with the fairy tale. Now THIS shows a VERY pathetic pathology and obsession. But for those who prefer fairy tale over reality, I guess I could see what a challenge would make you squirm.kb

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