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December 16, 2006


John A. Abel

I saw the P-Town Jug Band hundreds of times summers from 1977-81 in Provincetown and many times in Boston Bars and our Northeastern Univ. Frat.I keep in touch with some of the guys but Geno Haggerty passed away several years ago at 67.Geno was the lead guy with the froggy voice and the ponytail and a great friend.I have several tapes of them and one entire night at The Surfclub in Provincetown I taped in the mid 80's on a EMI records studio tape player.They played all over in the early 80's off season even one winter for a few weeks at Captain Tony's in Key West.

Sharon Dwinell

I grew up in Ptown & have always been a fan of the Jug Band in their many incarnations over the years. One of the guys, Ed Sheridan, recently sent me a link that had music files from a gig at MIT in 86. They actually played a couple of times up here in Vt in the late 80's.

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