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January 08, 2007



Yes, there are many great voices which point out the content-devoid post-modernism and the intellectuals who espouse it:



Oh, I forgot this book review. I hope this doesn't cause Tanuki to now side with the po mo folks:

"The modern sciences are among the most remarkable of human achievements and cultural treasures. Like others, they merit -- and reward -- respectful and scrupulous engagement. Sokal and Bricmont show how easily such truisms and recede from view, and how harmful the consequences can be for intellectual life and human affairs. They also provide a thoughtful and constructive critical analysis of fundamental issues of empirical inquiry. It is a timely and substantial contribution."

- Noam Chomsky


I don't know if you're aware of the charter school movement here in (some of) the States, Tanuki, but you might consider browsing those as an alternative to the NYDOE, et al. Charter schools are funded with taxpayer dollars but operate autonomously - under a unique "charter" - and are governed by independent boards that are free to define the goals and values of the school, establish the curriculum and - horror of horrors - hold teachers and students accountable for success. The concept has produced many spectacular failures - it turns out, of course, that just because a group of citizens believes in a better system they don't necessarily possess de facto the ability to implement it - but also some quite compelling successes, schools whose very typical student body (no admissions testing allowed) rises far above the very typical student body of their public school neighbor.

Just a thought.

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